Wish You were Here (poem)

(JPT poem, i  wrote some 5,6 years back,  hope u don't like, hehe)

With a sorrow and pain in my heart
I still remember the first time
When you gave me a smile
I was born again
Putting all my pain into vain
When you were here
I had no fear
I was filled with my senses
Like deep blue ocean
Like the darkness in night
Now with you far away
I am lost in wilderness
Struggling to be myself again
Though i tried to get away
Your phantom brings visit
Everynight in my dreams
And i realize I would be
A night sky without the star
And the sun without the light
A snake without the poison
And a warrior without the fight
The pain of seperation
Everyday and every night
Your apparition in my sight
And i dream a life without a fear

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